Enabling education for scientific and engineering minds... Forecast Helps Take Your Professional Association to REMARKABLE.

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Accelerating innovation discovery and development.

  Award-winning scientific and engineering educational programming

  Experienced, multidisciplinary teams focus on innovation in conference design, production and execution

  Partnering to connect:
       - emerging young professionals and experienced mentors
       - global industry experts with world leading researchers
       - new revenue streams for your mission

Forecast helps organizations of all sizes build a strong and sustainable future by...

  Attracting new markets to your unique passion and expertise

  Recruiting global sponsors aligned with your association's mission

  Bridging innovators with new product development technologies

  Financing and producing independent educational programs we believe in

A solid reputation.

Forecast Technology Group has quietly built a reputation as one of the most sophisticated specialty-consulting firms in the biotech, health care and engineering association industries. Our entrepreneurial thinking combined with business acumen disrupt traditional programming approaches.

By successfully generating millions in new revenue for organizations, our focus on conference production, new program development, sponsor recruitment and grant management, has exceeded every client's expectations... Oftentimes beating revenue goals by tenfold. Read more.


The University of Pittsburgh awarded Forecast's president, Anita Caufield, with a Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest awards given to alumni by the Graduate School of Public Health.
Anita received this competitive award for making a significant contribution to education and dissemination, in the classroom and in the field. Read more (PDF).

Featured Work



? Strategic Planning and Marketing for Revenue Growth
? Conference Management
? Sponsorship Development


Reg Med Foundation:

? Strategic Planning
? Grant Management
? Financial and Market Development
? Executive Conference Production


Intl. Perinatal Stem Cell Society:

? Digital Library Development
? Logistics Management
? Marketing


Society of Auto Engineers:

? Market Design and Development
? Program Design


Product Development & Management Association:

? Conference Planning and Marketing
? Revenue Growth
? Sponsorship Development